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Conan is an extremely light-weight workflow management application. It is designed to provide a user-friendly interface to interact with various components of the "script-chaining" types workflows that are typical in bioinformatics.


Conan was developed to handle the various loading scenarios and workflows involved in the ArrayExpress and the GXA databases. However, it is available as a standalone tool and can be customised to chain processes (for example, Java processes, perl or shell scripts) together in a resuable way. It is possible to install the Conan web application in your own environments and put together a new workflow with a minimum amount of development.

If you are interested in installing Conan and developing your own processes, see the developer documentation on the Github wiki.

Issues and support

Document any known bugs, unexpected or unintuitive behaviour (gotchas), unimplemented features and other issues here.

Issues and feature requests

To request a new feature or if you think you've found a bug, please raise an issue in the Github Tracker


If you need help using this tool, please read the documentation in the Github wiki, or email Tony Burdett (


For more information or to get involved please email Tony Burdett (


This tool is developed by Tony Burdett, Natalja Kurbatova, Emma Hastings, Adam Faulconbridge, Dan Mapleson, Rob Davey

Development of the original Conan workflow tool was paid for by EMBL-EBI core funding