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What is NihonDrill?

It's a simple "game" that will (hopefully) help in the learning of the Japanese language. Currently(Jan 2011) it consists of two parts, the kana part where you can drill the Hiragana and Katakana syllables and one part where you can drill Japanese vocabulary. It is totally free and the source is released under the terms of the GPL.

If you want to know the changes between the different versions check out the Changelog.

How do I use this?

Currently there are only packages/installers available for the Windows platform. Below are instructions how to install on various platforms.


The most simple way is to download and install using the Windows Installer. But you can also install the Löve framework(v0.7.x) from http://love2d.org/ and download the Löve bundle instead.


  1. Download the latest love bundle.
  2. Install the Löve framework from http://love2d.org/. Note: the current version of Löve(0.5) that is available in the default Ubuntu repository does not work with NihonDrill, you should install version 0.7.x.
  3. Run the love bundle in the filemanager or start it in a console with the command love command.
  $ love nihondrill_0.3.love


This has not been tested but should work if following the Ubuntu installation steps, maybe with some modifications. If you try this out please report the result.

How can I help out?

There are several ways you could help out:

  • Reporting bugs and come up with new ideas of how to improve.
  • Create content, for example vocabulary words to add.
  • If you are a developer, fork it and start making your own improvements.
  • Tell others that might be interested in the project.
  • Package NihonDrill for your platform.


Here are a collection of screenshots from the 0.3 version of NihonDrill.

The main menu.

The kana drill view.

Select what to practice.

The vocabulary training view.