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Contributing to ECMAScript

There are a number of ways to contribute to ECMAScript. How to actually contribute depends on what you want to accomplish. In many cases, you may be required to execute a CLA with Ecma. See the final section named Signing the CLA for more information on this.

Ecma TC39 accepts contributions from non-member individuals who have accepted the TC39 copyright and patent policies. Currently all ECMAScript related technical work is done by the TC39 RF TG (Royalty Free Task Group), for which the following IPR Policies apply:

Bug Reports & Bug Fixes

File a bug or pull requests against the current text of ECMA262 in this repository. If the fix is trivial you may not need to sign the CLA. If your fix is involved, signing the CLA will be required.

Feature Requests

Feature requests for future versions of ECMAScript should not be made in this repository. To make a feature request, post to the es-discuss mailing list. Your goal will be to convince others that your proposal is a useful addition to the language and recruit TC39 members to help turn your request into a proposal and shepherd it into the language.


If you have a new proposal you want to get into the language, you first need a TC39 champion. Head to es-discuss to find one. If you already have a TC39 champion, send a pull request to add a link to your proposal to the Current Proposals list or the stage zero list.

Signing the CLA

If you wish to submit a proposal and are not a representative of a TC39 member, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Read the TC39 process document.
  2. Register as a TC39 contributor (it is not necessary to submit the contribution as attachment to the form)