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ECMAScript Internationalization API Specification proposals

ECMAScript proposals

Active proposals

Proposals follow this process document. This list contains only stage 1 proposals and higher that have not yet been withdrawn/rejected, or become finished.

Stage 3

Proposal Author Champion Last Presented
Intl.Segmenter: Unicode Segmentation in JavaScript Daniel Ehrenberg, Richard Gibson Richard Gibson July 2020

Stage 2

Proposal Author Champion Last Presented
Intl.DurationFormat Younies Mahmoud, Ujjwal Sharma Younies Mahmoud, Ujjwal Sharma June 2020
Intl.NumberFormat V3 Shane Carr Shane Carr June 2020
Intl Enumeration API Frank Tang Frank Tang November 2020
Intl Locale Info Frank Tang Frank Tang January 2021
Intl.DisplayNames v2 Frank Tang Frank Tang January 2021

Stage 1

Proposal Author Champion Last Presented
Smart Unit Preferences in Intl.NumberFormat Younies Mahmoud Younies Mahmoud June 2020
Extend TimeZoneName Option Proposal FrankYFTang FrankYFTang January 2021
eraDisplay option for Intl.DateTimeFormat Louis-Aime Louis-Aime January 2021
Intl LocaleMatcher Long Ho Long Ho January 2021

Contributing new proposals

Please see Contributing to ECMAScript for the most up-to-date information on contributing proposals to this standard.

Onboarding existing proposals

Proposals that are Stage 1 and above must be transferred to the TC39 GitHub organization for discoverability and archival purposes. To onboard a proposal that lives outside the TC39 organization:

  1. Transfer your repository to the @tc39-transfer organization
  • if you are a TC39 delegate, but not an admin in that organization, please contact @LJHarb
  1. @bterlson, @gesa, or @codehag will transfer your repository to the TC39 organization the next chance they get.

Note that as part of the onboarding process your repository name may be normalized. Don't worry, repo redirects will continue to work as long as you never create a fork, or a new repository, with the same name - although Github Pages redirects will be broken (please update your links!).