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Stage 1 Proposals

Stage 1 proposals represent problems that the committee is interested in spending time exploring solutions to.

Proposals follow this process document.

Proposal Author Champion Last Presented
export v from "mod"; statements Lee Byron Ben Newman
John-David Dalton
July 2017
Observable Jafar Husain Jafar Husain
Mark Miller
May 2017
Frozen Realms Mark Miller
Chip Morningstar
Caridy Patiño
Mark Miller
Chip Morningstar
Caridy Patiño
March 2018
Math Extensions Rick Waldron Rick Waldron July 2016
of and from on collection constructors Leo Balter Leo Balter September 2016
Generator arrow functions (=>*) Brendan Eich
Domenic Denicola
September 2016
Promise.try Jordan Harband Jordan Harband November 2016
Math.signbit: IEEE-754 sign bit JF Bastien JF Bastien May 2017
Error stacks Jordan Harband Jordan Harband January 2017
do expressions Dave Herman Dave Herman July 2018
Float16 on TypedArrays, DataView, Math.hfround Leo Balter Leo Balter May 2017
Change Number.parseInt/parseFloat to not coerce null/undefined/NaN (repo link TBD) Brendan Eich July 2017
Binary AST Shu-yu Guo Shu-yu Guo May 2018
Pipeline Operator Daniel Ehrenberg Daniel Ehrenberg March 2018
Extensible numeric literals Daniel Ehrenberg Daniel Ehrenberg January 2019
First-class protocols Michael Ficarra Michael Ficarra July 2018
Partial application Ron Buckton Ron Buckton July 2018
Cancellation API Ron Buckton Ron Buckton
Brian Terlson
July 2018
String.prototype.codePoints Ingvar Stepanyan Mathias Bynens May 2018
Object.freeze + Object.seal syntax Keith Cirkel Keith Cirkel November 2017
Block Params Sam Goto Sam Goto November 2017
{BigInt,Number}.fromString Mathias Bynens Mathias Bynens January 2018
Math.seededRandoms() Tab Atkins Tab Atkins January 2018
Maximally minimal mixins Justin Fagnani Justin Fagnani January 2018
Getting last element of Array Keith Cirkel Keith Cirkel January 2018
Collection methods Michał Wadas Sathya Gunasekaran January 2018
Richer Keys Bradley Farias Bradley Farias January 2019
Slice notation Sathya Gunasekaran Sathya Gunasekaran March 2018
Logical Assignment Operators Justin Ridgewell Justin Ridgewell March 2018
Module Keys Mike Samuel Mike Samuel May 2018
Class Static Block Ron Buckton Ron Buckton May 2018
class Access Expressions Ron Buckton Ron Buckton May 2018
Pattern Matching Kat Marchán
Brian Terlson
Kat Marchán
Brian Terlson
Sebastian Markbåge
May 2018
Explicit Resource Management Ron Buckton Ron Buckton July 2018
Dynamic Modules Bradley Farias Bradley Farias July 2018
JavaScript Standard Library Michael Saboff
Mattijs Hoitink
Michael Saboff
Mattijs Hoitink
June 2019
"use module" Dave Herman Dave Herman July 2017
uniform parsing of quasi-standard Date.parse input Richard Gibson Richard Gibson September 2018
JSON.parse source text access Richard Gibson Richard Gibson September 2018
IDL for ECMAScript Daniel Ehrenberg Daniel Ehrenberg September 2018
Asset References Sebastian Markbage Sebastian Markbage November 2018
Freezing prototypes Kevin Gibbons Kevin Gibbons January 2019
new.initialize Daniel Ehrenberg Daniel Ehrenberg January 2019
Iterator helpers Gus Caplan Domenic Denicola January 2019
Promise.any Mathias Bynens
Kevin Gibbons
Sergey Rubanov
Mathias Bynens June 2019
Private declarations Justin Ridgewell Justin Ridgewell March 2019
Emitter Shu-yu Guo
Pedram Emrouznejad
Shu-yu Guo
Pedram Emrouznejad
June 2019
Dynamic Code Brand Checks Mike Samuel Mike Samuel June 2019

See also the active proposals, stage 0 proposals, finished proposals, and inactive proposals documents.

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