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Sunny Rasp

Basic python script designed to capture light sensor data and append it to a CSV. Designed to be used with crontab or some other scheduler.


Requires that Python 2 is installed.

  1. Check out git repository code
  2. Navigate into ./Adafruit_Python_PureIO directory and execute: sudo python install
  3. Test sensor data collection with script ./SDL_Pi_SI1145/


Once executed, the script will append to a CSV file stored at the location set in the CSV_FILENAME variable. The default location is into a file named readings.swap.csv in the same directory as the script.

Crontab Configuration

A Python shebang is included at the top of the main file, so simply adding a crontab entry similar to the one below should be all that is required:

*/4 * * * * /home/pi/Documents/dev/sunny-rasp/


Here is a blog post I wrote about the project, and provides links to the sensor and connectors used:

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