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Coq Spacemacs layer

Adds support for Coq via Proof General and company-coq.


To install, run git clone ~/.emacs.d/private/coq and add coq to your dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list.


This layer adds Spacemacs-style shortcuts for the most useful parts of Proof General and company-coq's functionality.

Proof management

Key Binding Description
<f4>, ,. Go to point
<f3>, ,] Process next command
<f2>, ,[ Undo previous command

Laying out windows

Key Binding Description
,ll Re-layout windows
,lc Clear response buffer
,lp Show current proof

Managing prover process

Key Binding Description
,pc Interrupt prover
,px Quit prover
,pr Retract buffer - rewinds and moves point to beginning of buffer
,pb Process buffer - processes and moves point to end of buffer

Prover queries

The mnemonic for a is "ask".

Key Binding Description
,af Search (mnemonic: "find theorems")
,ap Print
,ac Check
,ab About
,aip Print (showing implicits)
,aic Check (showing implicits)
,aib About (showing implicits)
,anp Print (showing all; mnemonic for n is "notations")
,anc Check (showing all; mnemonic for n is "notations")
,anb About (showing all; mnemonic for n is "notations")

Moving the point

Key Binding Description
,g. Go to last processed command
,ga Go to start of command at point
,ge Go to end of command at point


Key Binding Description
,il Extract lemma from current goal - exit with C-RET (not C-j)
,im Insert match on a type
,ie Insert End <section-name>.
M-RET Insert regular match branch
M-S-RET Insert match goal with branch

It's worth highlighting ,ie, probably criminally underused due to the default binding of C-c C-a C-).

Note the last two are regular company-coq bindings, left alone since they are most useful in insert mode.

Note about cursor color

This package forces the insert mode cursor color to match normal mode, to avoid a serious performance problem in Evil where proof navigation in insert mode is extremely slow compared to the same commands in normal mode. See olivierverdier#6 for details.


A Coq layer for Spacemacs






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