Kafka GUI for topics, topics data, consumers group and more...
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Kafka GUI for topics, topics data, consumers group and more...



  • General
    • Works with modern Kafka cluster (1.0+)
    • Connection on standard or ssl, sasl cluster
    • Multi cluster
  • Topics
    • List
    • Configurations view
    • Partitions view
    • Consumers groups assignemnts view
    • Node leader & assignemnts view
    • Delete a topic
  • Browse Topic data
    • View data, offset, key, timestamp & headers
    • Configurations view
    • Logs view
    • Delete a record
    • Sort view
    • Filter per partitions
    • Filter with a starting time
    • Handle Kafka Registry Deserialization
    • Filter with a starting offset
  • Consumer Groups (only with kafka internal storage, not with old Zookepper)
    • List with lag, topics assignemnts
    • Partitions view & lag
    • Node leader & assignemnts view
    • Display active and pending consumers groups
    • Delete a consumer group
    • Update consumer group offsets
  • Nodes
    • List
    • Configurations view
    • Logs view


First you need a configuration files in order to configure KafkaHQ connections to Kafka Brokers.


docker run -d \
    -p 8080:8080 \
    -v application.conf:/app/application.conf

Go to http://localhost:8080

Stand Alone

  • Install Java 8
  • Download the latest jar on release page
  • Create an application.conf in the same directory
  • Launch the application with java -jar kafkahq.jar prod
  • Go to http://localhost:8080


Configuration file is a HOCON configuration file with an example below :

  kafka {
    connections {
      plaintext {
          bootstrap.servers: "kafka:9092"
      ssl {
        bootstrap.servers: "kafka:9093"
        security.protocol: SSL
        ssl.truststore.location: /app/truststore.jks
        ssl.truststore.password: password
        ssl.keystore.location: /app/keystore.jks
        ssl.keystore.password: password
        ssl.key.password: password

kafka.connections is a key value configuration with :

  • key: must be an url friendly string the identify your cluster
  • value: all the configurations found on Kafka consumer documentation. Most important is bootstrap.servers that is a list of host:port of your Kafka brokers.

KafkaHQ docker image support 1 environment variables to handle configuraiton :

  • KAFKAHQ_CONFIGURATION: a string that contains the full configuration that will be written on /app/configuration.conf on container.

Development Environment

A docker-compose is provide to start a development environnement. Just install docker & docker-compose, clone the repository and issue a simple docker-compose up to start a dev server. Dev server is a java server & webpack-dev-server with live reload.


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