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a Diplomacy adjudicator in Rust
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stpsyr is an adjudicator for the Diplomacy board game, written in Rust. Currently, it fully supports adjudication of human-readable orders, and it can generate maps of the current state of the board in SVG format. The DATC test cases are partially implemented.

Planned features include variant maps, better map drawing (e.g. with arrows that show the moves from the previous phase), and a web-based client/server that allows Backstabbr-style input of orders.

The adjudication algorithm is taken from Lucas Kruijswijk's The Math of Adjudication.

Diplomacy players may recognize that the name comes from the objectively best order one can give in standard Diplomacy: A StP-Syr (via convoy). I pronounce it "stipser" (/ˈstɪp.sɚ/).

stpsyr is licensed under the GNU GPL 3.0.

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