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* tkBusy.h --
* This file defines the type of the structure describing a busy window.
* Copyright 1993-1998 Lucent Technologies, Inc.
* The "busy" command was created by George Howlett. Adapted for
* integration into Tk by Jos Decoster and Donal K. Fellows.
* See the file "license.terms" for information on usage and redistribution of
* this file, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.
typedef struct Busy {
Display *display; /* Display of busy window */
Tcl_Interp *interp; /* Interpreter where "busy" command was
* created. It's used to key the searches in
* the window hierarchy. See the "windows"
* command. */
Tk_Window tkBusy; /* Busy window: Transparent window used to
* block delivery of events to windows
* underneath it. */
Tk_Window tkParent; /* Parent window of the busy window. It may be
* the reference window (if the reference is a
* toplevel) or a mutual ancestor of the
* reference window */
Tk_Window tkRef; /* Reference window of the busy window. It is
* used to manage the size and position of the
* busy window. */
int x, y; /* Position of the reference window */
int width, height; /* Size of the reference window. Retained to
* know if the reference window has been
* reconfigured to a new size. */
int menuBar; /* Menu bar flag. */
Tk_Cursor cursor; /* Cursor for the busy window. */
Tcl_HashEntry *hashPtr; /* Used the delete the busy window entry out
* of the global hash table. */
Tcl_HashTable *tablePtr;
Tk_OptionTable optionTable;
} Busy;
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