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Go package for ideal tty prompt
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go-input Go Documentation Travis MIT License

go-input is a Go package for reading user input in console.

Here is the some good points compared with other/similar packages. It can handle SIGINT (Ctrl+C) while reading input and returns error. It allows to change IO interface as io.Writer and io.Reader so it's easy to test of your go program with this package (This package is also well-tested!). It also supports raw mode input (reading input without prompting) for multiple platform (Darwin, Linux and Windows). Not only this it allows to prompt complex input via Option struct.

The documentation is on GoDoc.


Use go get to install this package:

$ go get


The following is the simple example,

ui := &input.UI{
    Writer: os.Stdout,
    Reader: os.Stdin,

query := "What is your name?"
name, err := ui.Ask(query, &input.Options{
    Default: "tcnksm",
    Required: true,
    Loop:     true,

You can check other examples in here.


  1. Fork (
  2. Create a feature branch
  3. Commit your changes
  4. Rebase your local changes against the master branch
  5. Run test suite with the go test ./... command and confirm that it passes
  6. Run gofmt -s
  7. Create new Pull Request


Taichi Nakashima

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