Stikked client with support for client side encryption/decryption
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Client for Stikked paste bin

This is a client library, and a command line client, for the Stikked paste bin (

It's main distinguishing features are:

  • Support for client side encryption for pasting, and reading (compatible with the javascript implementation in the web interface)


go get


Usage of gostikkit:
  -author string
    	Author of the post
    	Encrypt the post
  -expire string
    	Expiration time, in minutes (or "never", or "burn")
  -file string
    	Post contents of this file
  -key string
    	API key, if needed
  -lang string
    	The language to render the post as
  -title string
    	Title of the post
  -url string
    	Post contents of this file

You can also use STIKKED_URL and STIKKED_KEY to pass in the base url and the api key for your stikked deployment.