Additional Pipes plugin for Buildcraft
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Update of Additional Pipes for BC3+ and Minecraft 1.5+

Many of you are probably wondering whether this mod is dead.

The situation doesn't look good, huh. The BuildCraft forums have been down for months, and may never return. The future of BuildCraft itself is uncertain. Asiekierka has stepped down as lead developer, and 1.8 is looming. Is all really lost?

No, it isn't, not by a long shot. AlexIIL is now developing BuildCraft for 1.8 in a seperate repository. Apparantly, it's nearly done, it just doesn't upconvert 1.7.10 data. I started working on a 1.8 port of AP a year ago, but abandoned it because Buildcraft didn't have a working 1.8 version at that time. Now that it does, and I will try to complete my port, and bring AP into the new version. I'll probably have to take out the LP integration, at least for the time being, since it hasn't updated to 1.8.

If you're looking for documentation on the mod, an archived version of the forum thread is here.

Cloning and Compiling

First, install Gradle and put it on your path.

git clone
cd AdditionalPipesBC
gradle setupDecompWorkspace
gradle build

Compiled binaries can be found in build/libs.

Setting Up Eclipse

  1. Install Eclipse JDK.
  2. Run the command gradle setupDecompWorkspace --refresh-dependencies eclipse
  3. In Eclipse, go to File > Import... > General > Existing Projects into Workspace
  4. Hit Next. Click Browse... in the top right, and select the directory you cloned Additional Pipes into. Check the box next to AdditionalPipesBC in the Projects list.
  5. Hit Finish, and the mod project should be imported.
  6. Set up the run configuration. Go to File > Import... > Run/Debug > Launch Configurations and hit next.
  7. Click the Browse... button and select the directory you cloned Additional Pipes into. Check the box next to AP Client 1.8.launch in the right pane.
  8. Hit finish.
  9. Click the down arrow next to the play button on the top bar, select Run Configurations..., and click on AP Client 1.8 in the left pane.
  10. Click on AP Client 1.8 in the left pane and go to the arguments tab.
  11. Replace <username> with your Mojang account email, and <password> with your Mojang account password
  12. Hit run. If it works, you're done!
  13. If it doesn't, it's probably because your .gradle folder is not in your home directory, or you have unusual environment variables defined. Either way, in the Arguments tab, replace ${env_var:userprofile}${env_var:HOME}/.gradle with the full path to the folder containing your .gradle folder.


Look ma, no LWJGL native library errors!

Download: latest releases

To install, place in the standard minecraft/mods folder.

Credits to Zeldo, DaStormBringer and Additional Pipes Contributors for their work on the mod.

1.2.5 Thread:

Pipes still generally do the same thing. Some GUIs and recipes have changed (check NEI for recipes).

Experimental Pipes & Gate Features

Power Switch Pipe

Just a nifty little pipe with nice texture effects. Complete credits to ABO for the idea (the code is original though).

Closed Pipe

This pipe has 3 functions:

  1. Acts like a normal pipe when transporting items.

  2. Acts like a void pipe in that it never drops items.

  3. Stores the items it "drops" inside an buffer. This buffer will destroy the oldest stack to make space for new stack when full.

Closed pipes also have a "closed" gate trigger which activates when the buffer has item(s) inside.

Water Pump Pipe

Just a pipe that fills with water if a source block is under it.