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  1. tdex-app tdex-app Public

    📱 Mobile app for making trades on TDEX

    TypeScript 11 9

  2. tdex-daemon tdex-daemon Public

    Go implementation of the TDEX Beta Daemon

    Go 10 14

  3. tdex-sdk tdex-sdk Public

    🛠 JavaScript SDK for building applications on top of TDEX

    TypeScript 4 12

  4. tdex-registry tdex-registry Public

    Public list of tdex liquidity providers

    Shell 3 16

  5. tdex-dashboard tdex-dashboard Public

    Web & Desktop App to manage a TDEX Daemon instance

    TypeScript 10 6

  6. dev-portal dev-portal Public

    The TDex Developer Portal where you can find documentation, tutorials, and developer resources!

    JavaScript 4 12


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