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Raspberry pi-based internet controlled cat laser toy.
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Raspberry Pi Cat Laser Toy

Demo of a cat laser toy that can be controlled through the web using a Raspberry Pi. See the demo from Tony on Adafruit's 9/7/2013 show and tell show (~12 minutes into the show)!

The hardware setup:

Mobile Upload

The web application. Clicking in the red target area will aim the laser:


This project is now written up as a guide on the Adafruit Learning System. See the guide there for details on how to set up the hardware and software for the project.

Testing Outside The Raspberry Pi

For convenience the server can be run from outside the Raspberry Pi by executing:

python test

The test parameter will instruct the server to use a mock servo control class which does not depend on Raspberry Pi-specific libraries and functions. Make sure the machine this command is running from has Python, Flask, and NumPy installed on it.


Copyright 2013 Tony DiCola

This code is released under an MIT license. See LICENSE.txt for the full details of the license, and the licenses of dependencies that are distributed with this code.

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