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TDK InvenSense

TDK InvenSense is a world leading provider of MEMS sensor platforms found in Mobile, Wearables, Smart Home, Industrial, and Automotive products.

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  1. motion.arduino.ICM42670P motion.arduino.ICM42670P Public

    Arduino Driver for TDK InvenSense consumer motion sensor ICM42670P

    C 16 4

  2. automotive.linux.iam20680.driver automotive.linux.iam20680.driver Public

    Linux driver for TDK InvenSense automotive IAM-20680 sensors family

    C 15 3

  3. ultrasonic.soniclib ultrasonic.soniclib Public

    Driver repo for TDK InvenSense consumer ultrasonic sensors

    C 10

  4. Public

    Android simple Sensors HAL for TDK InvenSense motion sensors

    C 5

  5. ultrasonic.arduino.ICUX0201 ultrasonic.arduino.ICUX0201 Public

    Arduino Driver for TDK InvenSense consumer ultrasonic sensor family ICUX0201

    C 2 1

  6. ultrasonic.mofmofdetection ultrasonic.mofmofdetection Public

    TDK CH101/201 Mof-Mof (softness) sensor information and sample program for Raspberry Pi Pico

    C 1


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