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Biodiversity Data Quality (BDQ) Interest Group

Giant Bulldog Ant


The goal of this Interest Group is to discuss, determine, formalize and standardize concepts, problems, policies, metadata, methodologies and mechanisms related to Biodiversity Data Quality, collaboratively and incrementally, and to promote associated best practices throughout the Biodiversity Informatics community. Data quality is a major concern in Biodiversity Informatics. The distributed nature of data acquisition and digitization, the specific difficulties imposed by some of the data sub-domains, such as taxonomic data and geographic data, among other aspects, make it important to discuss data quality in biodiversity so that data made available in portals and other systems can be used for various purposes such as education, science, and decision making. Although several initiatives in the Biodiversity Informatics community have been striving to develop tools and best practices about Data Quality, we lack a common background and consensus related to concepts, metadata, policies, and methodologies that would increase the synergy in achieving solutions for improving the fitness-for-use of biodiversity data. In this Interest Group we want to develop this common background and help standardize the way to deal with Data Quality in the Biodiversity Informatics community, avoiding duplication of efforts and sharing knowledge and solutions.

How to contribute

You can use the GitHub issues to contribute with amendment or starting relevant discussion topics. Conventionaly, title of issues should start with "[IG]" for issue related to the BDQ Interest Group, "[TG1]" for issues related to the Task Group 1, "[TG2]" for issues related to the Task Group 2, "[TG3]" for issues related to the Task Group 3 and "[TG4]" for issues related to the Task Group 4.

You can join the group's mailing list at To be involved and receive notification via the GitHub. click "Watch" (above) and select "Watching" to be notified of all conversations.


All Interest Group and Task Group documents are linked on the Interest Group's Wiki.

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