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See TDWGOntologyTerminology for the language to used in describing the ontology.
See TDWGOntologyConstructs for a discussion on what modelling constructs should be used in the ontology.
The version of the ontology on this page will be frozen for testing purposes until the end of August 2006, with the exception of adding textual definitions to those classes in which they are currently missing.
---+The Current Ontology
The current draft of the [[ ontology]] in OWL as presented at TDWG 2006.
The previous version with related discussion links can be found at:
---+Base Ontology
The BaseOntology contains the highest level classes and attributes within the TDWGOntology such as BaseThing.
---+Core Ontology
The CoreOntology comprises classes mostly representing terms in common usage such as CorePerson, from which biodiversity specific classes forming much of the TDWG community temrinology is defined.
---+Biodiversity Informatics Core Ontology
The BdiCoreOntology comprises classes mainly derived from 4 of the existing TDWG XML schemas. The subgroups involved in the inital version of the core ontology are ABCD, Darwin Core, SDD and TCS. These schemas have been analysed to attempt to determine the high level concepts that should act as a core for a larger TDWG ontology to be developed by the whole community.
This page is primarily aimed at facilitating discussion and development of the core ontology by members of the subgroups represented in the TAG group. It is anticipated that the core will 'grow' to include concepts necessary to fully express the existing schemas as well as those schemas currently under development.
It rapidly becomes clear that an ontology needs to be managed and the creation of the seed ontology is the ideal place to develop and establish the management structure, see TDWGOntologyGovernance for details.
TDWGOntologySizeOfProblem is a page to discuss how big the problem of creating a core ontology is by looking at the usage of the current schemas.
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