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Exor Core integration/staging repository

Exor is an open source, decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrency using the PoS consensus mechanism. Earn, store, and transact digital currency virtually instantaneously with Exors simple to use desktop wallet.

With a low supply, community governance, an open identity team and real-world use cases, Exor aims to increase global adoption of the cryptocurrency space within conventional business with secure and instant digital payments. Exor is also the only accepted currency to provide premium access to the Crypto Asset Manager platform, an industry first.

Exor was originally designed to be used as a payment vehicle for different projects in the Exor ecosystem. The first main project that will interface with and utilize the EXOR network is the Crypto Asset Manager software and is currently available to masternode holders only.

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Coin Specs

ConsensusProof-of-Stake (PoS)
Block Time60 Seconds
Difficulty Retargeting60 Seconds
RPC Port51573
Masternode Collateral50,000 EXOR
Masternode ActivationBlock 10281
Min Stake Age60 Minutes
Maturity100 Confirmations
Max Coin Supply43,000,000 EXOR
Premine54,999,979.84 EXOR*

*The 54,999,979.84 pre-mine was minted to adequately cover swapping early investors from the NLX blockchain. On June 24, 2019, 27196357.43982939 EXOR was burned by sending to an unspendable wallet address: EXorBurnAddressXXXXXXXXXXXXXW7cDZQ

NOTE: A small percentage of EXOR is also being held in address EJ6yc47cAZMGWHFccc9gfGbDLYuyNhP6wL and will be used to sustain the project while we work to build the full Crypto Asset Manager platform.

PoS Rewards Breakdown

After the "pre-mine" and "fair launch" phases, the remaining phases are set to reduce block rewards by 15% every year on average.

PhaseBlock HeightBlock RewardStake RewardMasternode Reward
Pre-mine1-200274999.8992 EXOR0% (0 EXOR)0% (0 EXOR)
Fair Launch201-203600.001 EXOR20% (0.0002 EXOR)*80% (0.0008 EXOR)*
Year 120361-5459605.4 EXOR20% (1.08 EXOR)80% (4.32 EXOR)
Year 2545961-10715604.59 EXOR20% (0.918 EXOR)80% (3.672 EXOR)
Year 31071561-15971603.9015 EXOR20% (0.7803 EXOR)80% (3.1212 EXOR)
Year 41597161-21227603.3163 EXOR20% (0.6633 EXOR)80% (2.653 EXOR)
Year 52122761-26483602.8188 EXOR20% (0.5638 EXOR)80% (2.2551 EXOR)
Year 62648361-31739602.3960 EXOR20% (0.4792 EXOR)80% (1.9168 EXOR)
Year 73173961-36995602.0366 EXOR20% (0.4073 EXOR)80% (1.6293 EXOR)
Year 83699561-42251601.7311 EXOR20% (0.3462 EXOR)80% (1.3849 EXOR)
Year 94225161-47507601.4714 EXOR20% (0.2943 EXOR)80% (1.1772 EXOR)
Year 104750761-52763601.2507 EXOR20% (0.2501 EXOR)80% (1.0006 EXOR)

*Masternodes do not receive any rewards until block 10281 to give ample setup time. Stakers will take the full block reward between blocks 201-10280 as a result.