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Kylo is a web browser for computers connected to TVs. The interface is larger and more readable, and there are specialized controls like an on-screen keyboard and scrollwheel-based zooming to empower the lean-back experience.
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Welcome to the Kylo Browser source code!

Kylo is a web browser based on Mozilla's Gecko SDK for use on computers connected to TVs.

Kylo's on-screen controls are intended to be viewable from about 10 feet away from a 32" or greater HDTV screen running at 720 or higher resolution. Kylo was originally designed as companion software to the Loop™ in-air motion pointer from Hillcrest Labs. Navigation is done primarily through pointer control, such as with a motion controller (ie. WarpiaTV) or a mouse. Some work has been done to allow control with a standard Up/Down/Left/Right remote control.

Some helpful documents:

  • directory_map.txt
    This file describes the basic outline of the Kylo source code directory structure.

  • build_instructions.txt
    Basic documentation of the Kylo build process.

    Lawyer stuff. Lists Open Source licenses and terms.

    Helpful info regarding use of the Kylo name and trademarks. If you're planning on distributing a modified version of Kylo, YOU SHOULD READ THIS.

For the latest information about Kylo, visit us at

For additional information and resources, check out our commnunity forums, blog and our developer portal.

For more information about Hillcrest Labs and their motion control pointing technology, please visit

© 2012 Hillcrest Labs. All rights reserved. Hillcrest Labs, Kylo, and the Loop are trademarks of Hillcrest Laboratories, Inc.

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