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The Niteo Handbook

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For the last decade, we have been accumulating the knowledge and practicalities of running an Open Source business within our walled-off intranet. At our 10th Anniversary Party we realized that it was time that we made this valuable information public with the intent of helping people in similar positions.

This Handbook offers us an opportunity to clarify what Niteo is and how we operate. It allows greater transparency to our partners, potential new team members, and the wider Open Source community.

The structure of the Handbook mirrors our departments for simple organization. Boxcryptor (on Dropbox) is structured the same way.

The Handbook


Development and Design

Marketing and Support


About Niteo and Niteans

Handbook Contribution

Please help us keep these documents up to date, not just with fixing typos and broken links, but also updating it with the ongoing changes to our work processes. And if there's something you don't like in the way we work, open an Issue where we can discuss better solutions. For new people joining Niteo, take advantage of being new to question or show us how to improve things. We welcome this input, as an outside viewpoint can often jolt us from our well worn ways.

This Handbook is inspired by GitLab's and Basecamp's handbooks and is always a Work-In-Progress. To update it, create a Pull Request with the proposed changes or open an Issue to start a discussion.

Join us!

Like what you read and would like to become a Nitean? Check out open positions on!


The Niteo Handbook






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