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Copyright (C) 1998-2002 Eric Yeo. All rights reserved.
As of 2008 maintained by Jacob Nordfalk
This software has a LGPL license. Please see the file LICENSE for details.

JMagick is developed and tested under Ubuntu Linux with OpenJDK 1.7.
It has not been tested on any other operating systems.

Please see top of Changelog.txt to see which which versions of ImageMagick
is currently supported.

The JMagick source is now hosted on GitHub, although the mailing list still lives on SourceForge.
Source can be obtained by running

	> git clone


Information on JMagick can be found at:

The JMagick mailing list is
However, only list members are allowed to post to the mailing.
To join the JMagick mailing list, please point your web brower at

Please make use of the mailing list for help and bug reports.

Jacob Nordfalk
1 July 2008

Andrew Kerr
20 June 2014
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