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invadersmustdie commented Jun 2, 2011

This patch allows the user to create a jeweler project structure without having any git(+hub) integration. I've added the option in a way the tool still behaves in the original way and tries to add fully github support, so it should provide full backward compatibility.

To disable github support the user just has to apply the --no-github option.


technicalpickles commented Jun 2, 2011

Very nice. There's been a long standing request open for support for not using git/github, and this definitely is a step towards that.

I'll review & merge this soon (hopefully). One thing to consider would be how to document this in a way that folks can find it. If you can think of anything, by all means let me know!


invadersmustdie commented Jun 8, 2011

Readme file? Do you have release blog in jeweler?

Changing the current behavior to disable github support by default would be dramatic step but considerable for a further major release.

user_email and user_name are used in the Rakefile, so they would need to be present. A couple of options:

  • Update the exception to be NoUserName and NoUserEmail and update language in Jeweler::Generator::Application to reflect this
  • Fill in a default value if they aren't present. This is done for some other fields already, so may be legit.

I'm a little torn on this flag. Some of the pieces it turns on are really any and all git, not just github. Possibly split up to --no-git and --no-github? --no-git could then imply --no-github.


technicalpickles commented Jul 7, 2011

Had a chance to look at this more closely, and it's actually reallllly close to being everything needed for non-git support. I've left some in line comments on the commits.

The only major consideration I can think of would be the impact of not having a git repository around when using the rake tasks. I'm not positive if they assume it's there or not, but it should be straightforward to only conditionally do some things.


technicalpickles commented Mar 18, 2016

I'm closing out old PRs as part of #283 . I'm sorry I was never able to help get this to a point to be merged.

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