Automagically uploads a screenshot to a server via scp and copies the url to your pastebin. Ctrl+v will give you that url.
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Shoot and load
	- Take a screenshot and it's online :)

	Python script that runs in the background, whatching a folder. When a picture pops in, it will be sent to a server using scp, and the url will be copied to your clipboard.

	Dependencies: python, running on a system with a native scp from cli. You probably should authenticate with a ssh-key.

	cd ~
	git clone
- To make a handy alias, edit your appropriate aliasfile, f.eks:
	echo "alias shotnload='. ~/shoot-and-load/'" >> ~/.bash_aliases

	remember to edit the script and change your target host (which box it should be uploaded to) and path (where on that path)