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  1. Blockly@rduino : Blockly remix for Arduino. Totally new version, enhanced one !

    JavaScript 91 85

  2. Electron version of Blockly@rduino, win software with Arduino upload embedded

    C 10 10

  3. Blockly@rduino All-In-One: Windows offline software version of Blockly@rduino webware.

    C 2

  4. Educ portable version of Arduino IDE 1.8.13, with libraries special Education : for Scratch 2, specific shield, robots, Blockly@rduino, etc

    C 19 33

  5. LiberKey boostée pour l'éducation. LiberKey for Education.


  6. Forked from zeptoline/ScratchHome

    Scratch -> SweetHome3D : plugin for domotic programmation with Scratch

    Java 1


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