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An Ant plugin to create apt repository from a Debian/Ubuntu development project
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An Ant task to create an apt repository from a Debian/Ubuntu development project. It is ported from the maven plugin which does the same - theoweiss/apt-repo

This task is usually used with the debian package creation task ant-deb.


	<taskdef name="aptrepo" classname="com.codemarvels.ant.aptrepotask.AptRepoTask" >
			<fileset dir="lib/ant/apt-repo" ><!--all jar files in this project is expected to be found here -->
				 <include name="*.jar"/>
<target name="createRepository">
  <aptrepo repoDir="${debian.folder}/output/repository"/> <!-- keep all .deb files in this folder -->


  • Keep all .deb files you want to publish in the repoDir folder. The package listings will be created in the same folder, which can then be published using a web-server as debian repository.
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