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Where is my portlet

Why use this portlet

Have you ever had trouble finding which site pages contain a specific portlet? Have you wished to know at a glance all portlets a site page contains? 'Where Is My Portlet' provides the answer!

'Where Is My Portlet' (WIMP) is a Site-section Control Panel utility portlet that offers users a fast and convenient way to discover:

  • site pages contain a specific portlet
  • hich portlets are contained in a site page

The portlet is designed in a minimalistic way to take advantage of its simplicity, user friendliness and the fact that it aimed for both developers and editors / administrators.


Just put the code in a directory, in the portlers directory of your Liferay SDK.


Just run the ant script.


The documentation is here. But you can find it also under the help but in the portlet.


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