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What is Fitbit Intraday Heart Rate Data?

Fitbit Trackers which have Heart Rate sensors in them capture the Heart Rate continuously. However, Fitbit's App provides the Heart Rate information in 5-minute intervals.

This code allows you to download the detailed data from Fitbit's website and either see it on a chart, or download it in an Excel.

Why was this created?

I was quite emotionally charged up during a work seminar. Though I was sitting, I could feel my heart rate rising up. The Fitbit App was showing minimal heart rate increase, but I wanted to delve into more details. Since I could not find the detailed information easily available from the Fitbit App & Website, I used the Fitbit APIs to retrieve the data.

Learn more on how it looks at

Tutorial on doing Fitbit OAuth2

I created a YouTube tutorial to showcase how you can configure your Fitbit Developer account to do OAuth2, and then get a "Client ID", which you can use in the code.

Demo Version

You can use service to see a demo.

How to Install

  • You require PHP with MySQL Support and a publicly accessible server. https access is preferred.
  • Download/Clone the code on your machine
  • Create the database. The schema is available at sql/default.sql
  • Provide the following values in config.php
    • Database Details ($host, $user, $pass, $dbname)
    • $config_redirect_uri - this will be the URL that is publicly accessible and hosted on your setup (e.g.
  • Access the service through your URL


Fitbit Heart Rate Intraday Data using OAuth2






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