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Steemit LED notifications and Web interface for Raspberry Pi

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SteemPi Version 2.0

STEEMPI V2.0 | Steemit LED light notifications and web interface for Raspberry Pi and other Raspberry Pi clones that uses the Wirringpi GPIO library.

SteemPi shows its interface on a connected TV (HDMI), but you can also view the interface with a web browser on mobile devices, laptops, pc, game consoles, smartwatches and other devices that are capable of browsing web pages.

SteemPi is made by:

Installation - How to make your Pi, Steem?

Step 1: Operating system

Install the latest version of Raspbian on your SD card

  • Boot up the system and connect to your home network and the internet (Wifi or cable)
  • Enable SSH Start > Preferences > Raspberry Pi Configuration > Interfaces > Enable ssh
  • Login in via SSH

Step 2: SteemPi Installation

  • sudo su
  • mkdir /var/www/html -p
  • apt-get update
  • apt-get install git -y
  • cd /var/www/html
  • git clone .

If you want to install the dev version

  • git checkout dev

You only have to start the installation :-)

  • ./install

It take a while The script installs SteemPi and keep your system up to date I recommend you to get a coffee ;-)

Step 3: Steemit LED light notifications

  • Connect a LED to GPIO17 of the Pi (and you shoud solder the correct resistor to the LED. it works without one, no problems so far but you may damage the pi without one.

  • Make executable, cd /var/www/html/ledscript/ and use the command sudo chmod u+x

  • To run the script manualy: cd /var/www/html/ledscript/ and to run it, sudo ./ The LED should blink one time because it detected change.

You can test if it is working by making a reply on my Steemit account This way you can test if your LED lights up, and it's a way to let me know you installed SteemPi.

If the LED lights up, change @techtek in the script, to watch your account for updates to do this, use the commands:

cd /var/www/html/ledscript/ and to edit use the command sudo nano edit the username in the URL and exit and save with, ctrl+x

To make boot on startup, sudo nano /etc/rc.local add in this file before exit 0 this line /var/www/html/ledscript/./ and exit and save with, ctrl+x

Everything is now ready to use!

If you make changes to the SteemPi project, please do share them back to the SteemPi project so others can use those functionalities as well.

Please support the makers of the services that are integrated into SteemPi.

If you have a service or functionality you want to integrate, you could help by writing a custom code for your service that can be implemented in the SteemPi web interface.


Steemit LED notifications and Web interface for Raspberry Pi






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