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Tecky Academy

Tecky Academy

Hi! We are Tecky Academy Team!

Tecky Academy

We are a coding bootcamp founded in 2018 Hong Kong. We strive to educate newcomers to understand the computer science fundamentals and pragmatic programming knowledge for them to thrive in the tech industry.

We are also a strong advocate of open source technology with most of the technologies, frameworks and libraries we taught in the curriculum being FOSS.

If you are a software engineer and you are looking for a workplace that actually cares about software development,

Please join us! We are actively hiring!


  1. superellipse-css superellipse-css Public

    CSS 5

  2. data-hko data-hko Public


    JavaScript 4 3

  3. ga-class ga-class Public

    TypeScript 1 2

  4. PDS-entry-test PDS-entry-test Public

    Entry test for Tecky's Professional Data Science Course

  5. PMA-entry-test PMA-entry-test Public

    Entry test for Tecky's Professional Mobile App Course

  6. open-source open-source Public



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