Sep 1, 2018
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@teejee2008 teejee2008 released this Aug 26, 2018

Assets 6


  • #196 Fixed a typo

  • #191 Don't exclude /var/spool

  • Add makepot file

  • Launcher: Explicitly pass DISPLAY and XAUTHORITY to pkexec

  • Use -O3 optimization when compiling with gcc

  • #278 Increased the width of Setup Wizard window

  • Fixed: Unencrypted partionless disk could not be used as backup device

  • Added support for using F2FS and ZFS filesystems for RSYNC backups

  • Workaround for Docker mounting rootfs on /var/lib/docker/plugins

  • Added support for raid5 and dmraid

  • Translation fixes

Assets 6


  • Rsync: Read fstab to exclude devices mounted on non-standard locations

  • UI: Hide snapshot type information behind an expander

  • UI: Added frame around messages; Use smaller bullet characters;

  • Wizard: Add "Users" page to Setup Wizard for selecting home directory

  • Fixed build issue with newer version of libvte291

  • Fixed: Filters: 'Cancel' button when adding a folder does not work.

Assets 6


  • UI Improvements

  • Added option to keep BTRFS qgroups disabled

  • Added a fix for nested subvolume issue

  • Restore: Show an option to skip restore for @home sub volume

  • Fixed issues on Manjaro

@teejee2008 teejee2008 released this Jan 25, 2018 · 162 commits to master since this release

Assets 6


  • Fixed an issue where home directory would get deleted while
    restoring rsync snapshot. This happened in cases where the user
    had created a snapshot excluding home directory, and later
    restored the snapshot after including home directory in Settings.
    To avoid such scenarios, user-specified include filters
    will be ignored for restore. Exclude list that was created during
    snapshot creation will be used instead, along with any additional
    exclude filters.