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Pokemon Go API lib
Protocol Buffer Python
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pgoapi - a pokemon go api lib in python

pgoapi is a client/api/demo for Pokemon Go by
It allows automatic parsing of requests/responses by finding the correct protobuf objects over a naming convention and will return the response in a parsed python dictionary format.

  • This is unofficial - USE AT YOUR OWN RISK !
  • I don't play pokemon go !
  • No bot/farming code included !

Feature Support

  • Python 2 and 3
  • Google/PTC auth
  • Address parsing for GPS coordinates
  • Allows chaining of RPC calls
  • Re-auth if ticket expired
  • Check for server side-throttling
  • Thread-safety
  • Advanced logging/debugging
  • Uses POGOProtos
  • Mostly all available RPC calls (see API reference on the wiki)


Documentation is available at the github pgoapi wiki.


  • Python 2 or 3
  • requests
  • protobuf (>=3)
  • gpsoauth
  • geopy (only for pokecli demo)
  • s2sphere (only for pokecli demo)


Contributions are highly welcome. Please use github or for it!
Join here!


Mila432 for the login secrets
elliottcarlson for the Google Auth PR
AeonLucid for improved protos
AHAAAAAAA for parts of the s2sphere stuff
mikeres0 for the slack channel including auto signup
DeirhX for thread-safety


Node Port by Arm4x
Node Port - pogobuf by cyraxx


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