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This library is the driver for SSD1306, SSD1315 and SSH1106 based OLED screens. The original implementation is from Neven Boyanov, Tinusaur Team.

There were some compatibility issues with the I2C implementation of original ssd1306xled which I resolved by using the implementation from TinyI2C by David Johnson-Davies.

This library is tested on Attiny85 and some Chinese OLED screens based on these drivers.


OLED Attiny85
vcc vcc
gnd gnd
scl pb2
sda pb0

breadboard connection



  • PlatformIO: pio lib install "ssd1306xled" or visit library page
  • Arduino IDE: open library manager (Tools > Manage library) and search for ssd1306xled and install
  • Manual: Download the latest release here

How to use the code

  • Hello world code
#include <Arduino.h>
#include <ssd1306xled.h>

void setup() {

void run() {
    SSD1306.ssd1306_setpos(0, 1);
    SSD1306.ssd1306_string_font6x8("Hello world!");
  • Library functions
    • void ssd1306_init(void): initializes the screen
    • void ssd1306_send_data_start(void): put the communication with a screen in data mode
    • void ssd1306_send_data_stop(void): stops the communication
    • void ssd1306_send_byte(uint8_t byte): send data byte to screen
    • void ssd1306_send_command_start(void): put the communication with a screen in command mode
    • void ssd1306_send_command_stop(void): stops the communication
    • void ssd1306_send_command(uint8_t command): send command byte to screen
    • void ssd1306_setpos(uint8_t x, uint8_t y): sets the cursor position at given coordinate
    • void ssd1306_fillscreen(uint8_t fill): fill the screen with given data (provide 0 as an argument to clear screen)
    • void ssd1306_char_font6x8(char ch): print a character with font size 6x8
    • void ssd1306_string_font6x8(char *s): print a given string with font size 6x8
    • void ssd1306_char_f8x16(uint8_t x, uint8_t y, const char ch[]): print entire array with font size 8x16
    • void ssd1306_draw_bmp(uint8_t x0, uint8_t y0, uint8_t x1, uint8_t y1, const uint8_t bitmap[]): draws the bitmap to the screen


You can improve this library by your contribution. If you want to improve the code or have a fix for some issues with the library, please feel free to fork this library and submit a new pull request with your changes and description


This code is mainly written by Neven Boyanov, Tinusar team. I replaced their I2C implementation with the implementation by David Johnson-Davies (TinyI2C).


  • v0.0.1 (March 08, 2020)
    • initial release