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An Erlang client for Riemann.
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An Erlang client for Riemann.


By default Zeta is configured to sent to a Riemann server at, so fix that in your global configuration

{zeta, {clients, [{default, {{127,0,0,1}, 5555, undefined}}]}}

then include and start the Zeta application

10> application:start(zeta).
11> zeta:ev(hi, 0.0).
#zeta_event{service = "hi",metric_f = 0.0, ...}
12> zeta:ev({hostname, [with, a, host]}, 1.0).
#zeta_event{service = "with a host",host = "hostname",
            metric_f = 1.0, ...}
13> zeta:evh([default, host], 2.0).
#zeta_event{service = "default host",host = "nonode@nohost",
            metric_f = 2.0, ...}
14> zeta:svh([send, metric], 3.0).
15> zeta:cvh([send, metric, ignore, response], 4.0).

Feel free to instrument your code even if the app isn't running. The messages will just be ignored.

To do

  • Decide how to handle TCP/UDP methods.
  • Make UDP automatically upgrade to TCP if the packet is too large
  • Allow for multiple client endpoints
  • Make the interface a bit nicer?

Why "Zeta"

Possibly the most important unproven conjecture in number theory is the Riemann Hypothesis which is concerned with the zeros of the complex Riemann Zeta function. There are also the "Riemann Sums" of great importance in analysis, but honestly "zeta" is a cooler name.

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