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IPv6 stack for Arduino and Xbee based on Contiki OS network stack

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Arduino µIPv6 Stack

An IPv6 stack for Arduinos MEGA and Xbee based on Contiki OS network stack. µIPv6 has been created because we think Arduino is a good prototyping platform and because Arduino has to be IPv6 ready.

If you are looking for Arduino UNO IPv6 stack, please have a look at our Arduino pico IPv6 project !

Arduino µIPv6 Stack


*: We are only providing XBee Series 1 interface for now.

Get Started

To get started using µIPv6 stack, go to the wiki. The wiki contains a step-by-step tutorial and examples necessary to build your first Arduino Wireless Sensor Network.

Arduino WSN


This stack is open source software : it can be freely used both in commercial and non-commercial systems and the full source code is available.


Alejandro Lampropulos (Télecom Bretagne, RSM dpt) : project maintainer

Baptiste Gaultier (Télecom Bretagne, RSM dpt) : developer and documentation maintainer

Laurent Toutain (Télecom Bretagne, RSM dpt) : associate professor and project lead

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