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Labello - Label all your stuff
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labello - print all your labels

Labello is a webbased frontend for Brother QL* label printers


Screenshot of labello



The easiest way to setup labello is via docker. A docker container is available at the Docker Hub

  1. Pull the latest version: docker pull telegnom/labello:latest
  2. Run the container: docker run -d -e 4242:4242 -v /path/to/your/font-folder:/opt/labello/fonts telegnom/labello


There are some settings to alter the behavior and appearance of labello. In case of using docker the following environment variables can be set:

parameter default value description
LAB_PRINTER_MODEL QL-720NW Model of your printer *
LAB_PRINTER_DEVICE tcp:// path of your printer - either tcp:// address or path to device e.g. /dev/usb/lp0
LAB_FONT_PATH /opt/labello/fonts path where labello can find the fonts to use
LAB_SERVER_PORT 4242 Port on which the service listens
LAB_SERVER_HOST IP on which the service listens
LAB_LOGGING 30 Log-Level: 10: debug, 20: info, 30: warning, 40: error, 50: critical
LAB_WEBSITE_HTML_TITLE labello - print all your labels HTML <title>
LAB_WEBSITE_TITLE labello main title in website
LAB_WEBSITE_SLUG print all your labels Slogan below title
LAB_WEBSITE_BOOTSTRAP_LOCAL true load bootstrap from local server (true) or from cdn (false)
LAB_LABEL_MARGIN_TOP 24 label top margin
LAB_LABEL_MARGIN_BOTTOM 24 label bottom margin
LAB_LABEL_MARGIN_LEFT 24 label left margin
LAB_LABEL_MARGIN_RIGHT 24 label right margin
LAB_LABEL_FEED_MARGIN 10 feed adjustment for precut labels - should not exceed 16
LAB_LABEL_FONT_SPACING 13 vertical spacing between text lines

* Supported devices can be found in the [corresponding section of this document](#Supported printers) (below).

Supported printers

  • QL-500
  • QL-550
  • QL-560
  • QL-570
  • QL-580N
  • QL-650TD
  • QL-700
  • QL-710W
  • QL-720NW
  • QL-800
  • QL-810W
  • QL-820NWB
  • QL-1050
  • QL-1060N
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