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Slickback brings Backbone and SlickGrid together
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Latest commit 00b3d85 Apr 22, 2012 @teleological Fix #1: Include uncompressed build
* Building both compressed and uncompressed versions
* Command-line build requires buildr.npm fork (pull-request outstanding)
* Version bump: v0.3.1


Slickback integrates Backbone and SlickGrid, extending Backbone 
collections to support pagination and filtering ("scoping"), and
adapting them to serve as SlickGrid "DataView" objects. Detailed 
documentation can be found on the Slickback wiki:

A simple example can be found here:

The Slickback source code is hosted on github:

To report a bug or suggest a feature:

Slickback was developed with Backbone v0.9.1 and SlickGrid v2.0
(commit 57c0a44) and may or may not work with other versions of these
libraries. Slickback v0.3.0 will work with versions of Backbone as old
as v0.5.3, but for older versions of SlickGrid (esp. v1.4.3), use an
older version of Slickback such as v0.2.1. Compatibility patches are

Thanks to Jeremy Ashkenas and Michael Leibman for Backbone and SlickGrid,
and to Pivotal Labs and Benjamin Arthur Lupton for the Jasmine and
Buildr tools used to test and build Slickback.
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