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PDX Bus is an award winning application that displays departure times for public transport in Portland, Oregon.

(PDX Bus won Best in Show at the awards)

This little application uses the Internet to quickly access TriMet's live tracking data to display departure times perfectly formatted for the iPhone. It allows you to bookmark frequently used stops, displays recently accessed stops, and gives details for departures which are en-route.

You can enter the stop "id" of the stop (as displayed at each stop or station) or you can browse the routes for the stop.

Features include:

  • Interactive rail maps, showing the MAX, WES and Streetcar stops.
  • Embedded maps, showing locations of stops, and when available, the last known position of the bus or train.
  • Use GPS to locate nearby stops or rail stations.
  • Browse routes and stops, show an entire route on the map.
  • Links to TriMet route information.
  • Displays Rider Alerts, and Detours.
  • A "Nighttime visibility flasher" - a flashing screen that can be used at night so that drivers can see you. TriMet suggests holding up a cell phone to make yourself visible to bus drivers.
  • Trip Planning - now you can use the same trip planning feature that is available on TriMet's web site.
  • Specially formatted text to work with the iPhone 3GS VoiceOver accessibility feature to speak arrivals.

Route and departure data provided by permission of TriMet.

PDX Bus sources

I am making the sources to PDX Bus available as part of the Civic Apps competition. These sources were developed by me from Apple samples and documentation, except where explicitly mentioned in the code.

I am choosing to release a copy of the code under the MPL 2.0 License but I retain the copyright, which enables me to release the iPhone app under the regular Apple iPhone license (this avoids any conflict of licenses for the time being). (No outside MPL or GPL code has been incorporated into the code, some BSD License has been included, it is clearly marked).
However - this really is the exact same code that was used to build the app, and I will continue to release the code for all future releases (the method of release may change).

I regret that I probably do not have the time to answer general support questions about iPhone application development - all you need to know can be found at (You need a Mac to develop for the iPhone, you will also need to purchase a $100 membership to get a certificate to put an application on an actual device).

Because I wish to retain the sole copyright on the code, I am currently not yet collaborating on development - but this may change as I work out how open source iPhone development can work.

Of course this code can be used as a reference and in other code, but be sure to comply with the license! This code was written initially as a fun learning project for me to learn Objective-C, and has grown from there. There may be better, more efficient, cleaner, more elegent or more correct ways to do all of it, but this is what I came up with in my spare time, and it gets the job done. I am working on tidying it up to enable it to be of more use.


Things to know before building

  • PDX Bus is built with iPhone SDK 13.0 and Xcode 11.7 - available free from Apple in their Mac App store.
  • Before building this code you will need to register with TriMet to get a free "AppID" from TriMet, this is so that TriMet can track who is using their API. The AppID is placed in TriMetTypes.h as the #define TRIMET_APP_ID. Without this id the application will not work, the code will not compile until this is addressed.
  • For licensing reasons, some graphics are not included with this source (see below).
  • Other graphics are included under Creative Commons Licenses - please check the folders for the particular licenses used.
  • The data feed from Next Bus has terms and conditions (including a non-commercial clause) but does not need an application ID.


This source distribution builds and runs, but the project will not attempt to copy any missing graphics files into the application package.
If you download the graphics from the sources below, you must enable the project to copy them into the application.

TriMet Graphics

Two graphics files were provided to me by permission of TriMet, and should be placed in the TriMet folder and then assigned to the target in the Xcode project (see below). PDX Bus will work without them, except the Rail Map will not be displayed.

  • The visittrimeticon.gif file is available from the TriMet page about linking
  • The map of the rail system, railsystem.gif, is a 2000x765 gif file made from the PDF of the rail map.
    (The size here is important for the positioning of the hotspots). The original file is available here - - I was granted special permission to use it for PDX Bus with a disclaimer - you will need to ask permission if you want to distribute it in some way. Note that I took the PDF and made the GIF file - the GIF file provided by TriMet is too small and will not work. This gif file is converted into a set of tiles to enable a more efficient display.

Enabling the project to use the graphics

Once the graphics have been downloaded and copied into place you will need to enable them in the project.

  • In the Xcode project, under Resouces you will find graphics folders. The file names will be red for any missing files.
  • For files that are not red, select them all, CTRL-Click then choose "Get Info" from the pop-up menu.
  • On the Info dialog box, click on the Targets tab, and select "PDX Bus".


Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


Change log

Version 11.4 (August 2020)

  • Added shortcut intents to get arrivals, routes, and locations.
  • Added new map sharing option to share the map URL
  • Updated XML debug sharing to use sharing sheet
  • Refactored to use an Extension for most classes (e.g. private members)
  • Updated rail map to March 2020.
  • Refactored settings
  • Renamed UserFaves to be UserState and reconciled.
  • Added uncrustify configuration file.
  • Refactored tasks to use a task state object
  • Refactored tasks to use smaller methods
  • General refactoring all around!
  • Network connection test improved with subtask messages
  • Detours now use a UITextView with a link recognizer. Custom code makes other touches pass through to the parent.
  • Removed all UIAlertViews realy for Mac app work.
  • Updated for Mac Catalyst - lots of #defines and addition on the UNNotification framework.
  • Reworked KML route code to get routes in the background.

Version 11.3.1 (January 2020)

  • Fix for map annotations when changing mode
  • Fiddled with the tableview classes to get the search bar to work properly. Edges and positioning is very fragile.
  • Moved date picker to a cell for the Trip Planner Date view
  • Refectored segment controls.
  • Removed Core Bluetooth library dependency.
  • Added info for 2019 vehicles
  • Debug mode will check integrity of sorted TriMet tables
  • LOG_ERROR will now cause a debug break in debug mode
  • Modified dealing with tracking errors and off route vehicles.
  • Fixed departure alarm GUI, now uses GPS to keep alive.
  • Departure alarms always use now power GPS initially.

Version 11.3 (September 2019)

  • iOS 13 support / Xcode 11 support
  • Dark mode support
  • Dark mode icons support
  • Changed Arrivals to Departures
  • Fixed bug in fetcher when network is down
  • Fixed bug where bookmark toolbar icon does not work for a single stop with a system wide alert.
  • Fixed UI around setting location toolbar default behavior.
  • Removed all code for pre-iOS 8 support.
  • Now uses MKLocalSearchRequest instead of TriMet's geolocating.

Version 11.2 (August 2019)

  • Added emojii to system wide detours
  • Fixed comparison of KML shapes
  • Added feedback for Trip Planner
  • Added bookmarks in the cloud
  • Updated for Xcode 10.2
  • Added Easter Egg for Bus 3745.
  • System wide alerts on the watch are collapsable.
  • System wide alerts are separately collapsable; the default is for it to be displayed.

Version 11.1 (January 2019)

  • Added Siri extensions
  • Added Add to Siri buttons
  • Reworked background task to fully utilize blocks and simplified
  • Separated core iOS code into a library - to shorten build times
  • Renamed extensions to be all consistent
  • Now displays day of week or time for arrivals that are far in the future.
  • Updated watch icons for Apple Watch 4
  • Updated cache code - there was an endless loop if the cache has more than one item to evict.
  • Added launch complictions to watch.
  • Added new screen to cache recently used vehicle IDs. Refactored history code to use a common base class.
  • Changed Refreshing countdown text to use verdana and simplifiied to use built in classes without animation and attributed text.
  • All labels where the font can be resised now align baseline centers.
  • Rebuilt with Xcode 10.1

Version 11.0.2 (October 2018)

  • Reworked threading code for nasty deadlock.

Version 11.0.1 (October 2018)

  • Fixed verion 11.0 issues with caching
  • Intents are optional

Version 11.0 (September 2018)

  • Uses arrivals V2, including vehicle ID, reason for delay, loading and drop off only.
  • Fetches 2nd vehicle ID for max trains if only one is found
  • Late color changed to magenta.
  • Fixed detours embedded in arrivals to use data in feed.
  • Uses regular expressions on some text to create better sounding accessibility text.
  • Fixed search screens to only display search results and have no gaps
  • Added auto versioning - agvtool next-version -all
  • Refactored cell creation
  • Generalized search features and added seatch to detours, rececent stops and recent trips.
  • Removed unused icons and refactored icons to only use iOS7 versions.
  • Improved UI of commuter bookmark on watch.
  • Added system wide alerts. Refactored detours.
  • Added support for test data - the app can be built to ignroe the real URLs and fetch data from github if required. URLs are read from TestData.plist for different queries.
  • Added multiple stop queries. If multiple stops are being fetched it can batch them in groups of 10 in a single query.
  • Reworked watch arrivals and detours.
  • Added code to ge the streetcar messages.
  • Can read the KML routes from TriMet's site and caches the routes to be displayed on many maps.
  • KML routes only read if on WiFi - optional, but YES by default.
  • Removed unneeded members when they were properties. (Modernized Objectiive-C)
  • Refactored threading to syncronize on the background thread so moved additional checks and replaced with assertions.
  • Added ability to find a vehicle by ID (debug only))
  • Added special off route text when vehicle is late but re-routed.
  • Added basic support for Siri shortcuts
  • Rebuilt with Xcode 10.

Version 10.1 (January 2018)

  • Trip planner: All vehicles in a trip can be tagged withe the same color
  • Tags controller: tags are sorted by time.
  • Fixed calendar events and used blocks for alerts.
  • Fixed issue with alarm notifications not sounding - they were being deleted.
  • Alarms now go direct to detail screen for alerts and from the home page.
  • Added brown color for late vehicles
  • Refactored dates to use NSDate immediately.
  • Updated to use new icons from Rob Alan.

Version 10.0 (October 2017)

  • Fixed calendar time - typo from "data" back to "date" :-(
  • Fixed trip itineraries that are only walking - they have no date, if I use the trip date it's in a different format.
  • Updated rail map to lated and used cleared streetcar map.
  • Updated static data to include new station names; updated maps to latest maps.
  • Removed QR code reader and replaced with iOS reader.
  • Rebuilt with Xcode 9; fixed iOS 11 weird scrolling issues.
  • Removed Pebble code.
  • Fixed run-time issues found by analyzer
  • Refactored UIAlertView and UISheetView to use UIAlertController so reduce complexity.
  • Recfactored Departure cell to be in own class and to use layout subviews for multi-tasking.
  • Refactored text height calculations to use a prototype cell view and use the constants in the CellLabel class.
  • Refactored Trip cells also to calculate height much better.
  • Route color blobs are much bigger.
  • Removed CellLabel class - now we can just use the UITableViewCell class and an automatic height. It's like magic!

Version 9.2 (August 2017)

  • Fixed crash when opening map when there is a callback
  • Fixed crash for timer if the cell is not available.
  • Faves are now read in with mutable containers, this will fix any issues with recents not being mutable.
  • Fixed 8.3.1 analyis issues.
  • Added direct link to review.
  • Optimized XML parser to make a dictionary of the elements and map it to the selector for the element.
  • Fixed issue where blanks scren could be displayed when commuter bookmark is shown when a progress window is displayed.
  • Changed default walking distance to be 0.75 miles.
  • Removed additional nullify warnings
  • Cleanup vehicle locations to remove duplicates and blanks
  • Changed Browse to lookup and changed "list" to "alphabetically"

Version 9.1 (January 2017)

  • Fixed bookmarks so first stop is not duplicated when editing.
  • Fixed black space around icons and updated all icons to be the latest ones.

Version 9.0 (December 2016)

  • Watch app updated to WatchOS 2 (native app)
  • Fixed Trip Planner bug for when locale is not USA and AM and PM text changes in the query.
  • Older iOS version supported is now iOS8. Removed deprecated calls for iOS6 and all iOS6 GUI tweaks.
  • Watch fetches stop names in the background.
  • Added detours directly to route page
  • New Streetcar map
  • Last located time on details page is now updated with the refresh timer
  • Updated to Xcode 8 - fixed leaks and other changes.
  • iOS8: Removed references to UIBarButtonItemStyleBordered
  • iOS8: Remvoed references to kCFDateFormatterNoStyle
  • iOS8: Fixed calendar constants
  • iOS8: Orientation - uses UIApplication sharedApplication statusBarOrientation instead of member variables
  • iOS8: Removed code that could not be executed.
  • iOS8: Removed warnigns for undefined selectors.
  • iOS8: NSPropertyListSerialization uses new selectors
  • iOS8: Fixed Contacts for iOS9 and iOS10 to use CNContacts framework
  • iOS8: Fixed search UI.
  • iOS8: Removed settings code - now it can always use the built in settings.
  • iOS8: Removed pre-overlay annotations from maps.
  • Added colors to trip maps, also straight lines where shapes are not available.
  • Addded Edit button and email bookmark button to end of bookmarks.
  • Restored ability to launch ticket app as the ticket app was fixed.
  • Fixed jagged edges on arrows representing vehicles by using UIGraphicsBeginImageContextWithOptions.
  • Updated to use "modern Objective-C" syntax.
  • Fixed bookmark editing to display message if bookmark not valid
  • Added a take me home bookmark construct
  • Fixed "insert" buttons on root view and edit bookmark view so they do the same as just touching the cell.

Version 8.1 (June 2016)

  • iOS 6 fixed
  • Added debug option to turn off HTTPS for trimet queries. This caused a user some issues with a VPN.
  • Added dictations to Watch (hard press from home).
  • Added keypay to Watch (hard press from home)
  • Fixed crash when unknown stop is entered.
  • Uses the Safari Services web viewer when available.
  • Fixed some default settings that were booleans but had string defaults.
  • Removed ability to launch ticket app - removed link until resolved.

Version 8.0 (January 2016)

  • Updated for iOS9.
  • Added search.
  • Fixed notifications
  • Updated TriMet map to include correct streetcar colors
  • Added 3D Touch menu to the main screen
  • Fixed orientation issues.
  • Added Handoff to watch and app.
  • Fixed block colors on watch.
  • Fixed problem with streetcar locations being missing when user shows "Map of arrivals" as it was not getting the nextbus data for locations.
  • Improved navigation through lists of stops on the watch
  • Added pull to refresh on the arrival details.
  • Arrival details now refreshable and uses the same arrival large mins; added a map.
  • Added arrows to the maps using the bearing.
  • Refactored some of the core library to remove more UI stuff.
  • Fixed the trip planner instructions when a vehicle changes route.
  • Centralized distance formatting and changed to be tenths of a mile.
  • Added reverse direction lookup.
  • Added commuter bookmark to watch.
  • Added handoff for trip planned to phone app.
  • Fixed bug when deleting recent trips or arrivals; it would delete the first one.
  • Fixed iPad Pro formatting and iPad split screen / overlay multi-tasking.
  • Fixed location services in the background for iOS9 - proximity alarms will now work.
  • Added alarms for deboardings
  • Updated location authorization dialogs to go directly to the settings page
  • Updated logging.
  • Added formatting to the help screen.

Version 7.11 (September 2015)

  • Added Orange line support including new color and updated MAX and WES MAP
  • Added A Loop and B Loop colors and new streetcar map
  • TriMet API now uses HTTPS.

Version 7.9 (August 2015)

  • Refactored code into a framework to allow for an extension - refactored other code to separate out the UI from data.
  • Added Apple Watch app with simple arrivals and locate nearby stops.
  • Fixed Arrival table size for older iPhones.
  • Added better support for localization authorization.
  • Fixed date and time screen on iPads when rotated.
  • Fixed Streetcat typo
  • Merged Pebble support into mainline code
  • Dropped support for iOS 5 and updated deprecated items.

Version 7.2 (December 2014)

  • Updated for iOS 8.
  • Native support for iPhone 6 + 6 Plus screen sizes
  • New MAX and WES map.
  • Updated disclaimer for maps.
  • Added text to explain the different colors used for the arrival times.
  • Removed streetcar data tables; streetcar data is fetched via TriMet feed now except for location data.
  • Changed the keyboard type to allow emoji again.

Version 7.1 (February 2014)

  • Fix for Streetcar API changes
  • Added back 'Bookmarks at the top' setting.
  • Added Cross for canceled buses.
  • Fixed refresh timer button so it doesn't flash.
  • Fixed app store link from main screen.
  • Fixed table alignment when using prompts on navigator bar in iOS7.
  • Fixed window size for iPad rail map view and web view.
  • Now uses Apple's geocoder for getting addresses from GPS locations
  • Fixed issues when GPS is used for destination in Trip Planner.
  • Added back proximity alarm icon.
  • Moved machine generated into into their own files.
  • Removed black color theme as it does not work well in iOS7.
  • Changed JELD-WEN Field to Providence Park.
  • Added Route map with stops to arrival details.
  • Toolbar map icon now behaves consistantly & added new menu item to map arrivals.
  • 64-bit type casting changes.
  • Added new pdxbusroute: URL to support the BlindSquare app.
  • Added tiling to the MAX and Steetcar maps - this reduces the number of hotspots to search by a lot as for each tile there is a short array to search.
  • Moved streetcar data into a singleton instread of it being with the app object; removed streetcar exception code.
  • Fixed circular references in the RailMapView - this caused a memory leak that was not spotted by static analyis or Instruments.
  • Nearby stops now uses the FindByLocationView to show all the possible options.
  • Re-allowed emoji keyboard for bookmark names
  • Fixed iOS7 text height calculations.

Version 7.0 (January 2014)

  • Updated for iOS7.
  • Updated user interface for iOS 7.
  • New icon from Rob Alan.
  • Added vehicle color "tags"
  • Added TriMet Facebook page.
  • Added support to launch TriMet Tickets App.
  • Added warning for flashing light.
  • Many toolbar icons are now optional - see settings.
  • Fixed location search so that stops that are both bus and rail stops are correctly filtered.
  • Fixed locator screen flow.
  • Large bus line identifier now rotates on iPhone.
  • Disabled screen rotation on old iPads as it did not fully work.
  • Added rail map toolbar button to station list screen.
  • Fixed streetcar arrivals on Harrison.
  • Refactored trip planner

Version 6.7 (May 2013)

  • Added Streetcar CL line to stop ID 9600 (SW 11th & Alder).
  • Added new options when pins on a map are selected - app can now open an external map app and display the location. Supported map apps include Google map app, Waze, MotionX-GPS, and Apple maps.
  • Several map fixes including: Maps can track with location and rotate with compass heading (iOS 5 & above); updated maps button to only show stops (and not arrivals) when there are multiple stops.
  • Updated Commuter toolbar icon.
  • Rationalized locate options; added setting to change toolbar behavior, made locate icon the same.
  • Updated URL scheme to add parameters for nearby command: pdxbus://nearby&show=maps&distance=1&mode=trains where show can be maps, routes or arrivals, distance can be closest, 0.5, 1, or 3 and mode can be bus, train or both.
  • User is now warned that the alarm will not sound if the device is muted (the app cannot detect if it is actually muted or not). This is to stop me sleeping through stops by accident.
  • Added a new longer, more annoying sound that can be used for alarms.
  • Fixed issue when keyboard did not show up when hitting the search button for the first time and fixed Help/Done buttons for the same editing case.
  • Added option to open Google Chrome app instead of Safari.
  • Updated to XCode 4.6 - fixed analysis errors found by latest analyser.

Version 6.6 (October 2012)

  • Fixed stop ID 13604 - added NS Line arrivals.
  • Optimized rail maps to use "tiles" - reducing crashes due to memory issues.
  • Added additional informational hotspots to streetcar map.
  • Trip planner min walk distances now match web site (1/10, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1 & 2 miles).
  • Commuter bookmarks fixed (startup sequence is different in iOS6).

Version 6.5 (September 2012)

  • Full support for New Portland Streetcar Central Loop Line, including Streetcar map.
  • iOS6: Fixed crash when GPS finds no nearby stops,
  • iOS6: Fixed calendaring.
  • iOS6: Fixed orientation issues.
  • Icon has been tweaked (thanks Rob!), improved launch screens.

Version 6.4 (September 2012)

  • Added partial support for new Streetcar Loop. Full support soon!
  • New for iOS 6 - added support for transit routing from Apple's map app.
  • Full screen iPhone 5 support.
  • New retina display launch screens.
  • Dropped support for original iPhone running iOS 3.2. :-(
  • Extended URL scheme to include new keywords: "nearby", "commute", "tripplanner", "qrcode", "bookmarknumber="

Version 6.3 (September 2012)

  • Added QR code reader
  • Added new higher resolution rail map with no zones and new PSU stations
  • Added Twitter integration
  • Added XML viewer integration
  • Removed Rail Map from iOS3.1 - it crashes, low memory.
  • Updated to XCode 4.4 and fixed analysis issues.
  • Extended app URL scheme e.g. pdxbus://365 will launch PDX Bus and show stop 365. (Useful for app launchers such as 'Icon Project' or 'Launch Center Pro').
  • Trip planner allows min walking distance of 0.1 miles

Version 6.2.4 (June 2012)

  • Support for Xcode 4.3.2; still compiles and runs on original iPhone.
  • Fixed Xcode 4.3.2 analysis issues
  • Fixed VoiceOver issues with "segment controls" and buttons.
  • Changed app name to "PDX Bus" (added the space).
  • Increased size of 'X' icon to make easier to touch.
  • Caches are more robust, if the app discovers it had previously crashed it will delete all caches.
  • Fixed weak reference in background task container - this will now be cleared when the view object is dealloced - this is about 33% of crashes.
  • Added alert for when an alarm will not be able to complete in the background so the user knows to go back to PDX Bus.
  • Added short version string to budle version to allow archiving to get the version.
  • Added debug option to turn off all caching (as caching sometimes causes crashes).
  • Added Plan trip from here/to here options on the rail station screen.

Version 6.1 (November 2011)

  • Support for Xcode 4.2; still compiles and runs on original iPhone.
  • Fixed Xcode 4.2 analysis issues
  • Added Pull to Refresh code
  • Fixed issues with using Contacts with the Trip Planner in iOS5.
  • Now caches arrivals for up to two hours for devices that are not always connected.
  • Added a quick locate toolbar item to the first screen.
  • Added code to flash the LED if the hardware is available and the OS version allows.

Version 6.0.1 (August 2011)

  • Fixed locate nearby stops so that GPS cannot be left on.

Version 6.0

  • Updated PGE Park to JELD-WEN Field on the map. Go Timbers!
  • Added 'commuter bookmarks' - any bookmark can be configured to automatically display on your morning or evening commute.
  • Added a proximity alarm to alert you when you get close to a stop (iOS 4.0 and above).
  • Added an arrival alarm to alert you when a bus or train is getting close (iOS 4.0 and above).
  • Added 'Plan trip from here' option to arrival screen.
  • Arrivals have an arrow to expand the rows to include extra menu items for each stop.
  • Locate by route now allows multiple route selection.
  • Updated network error processing.
  • Added in-app settings which are the same as the Settings app settings.
  • Updated many user interface elements, including: reverse button on trip planner.
  • Bug fixes - now loads on iOS5.

Version 5.2

  • User requested changes:
  • Arrival screen now shows the scheduled time in addition to the estimated time (so you can tell if a bus is running late or early). The arrival time screen has been adjusted to make space for this (e.g. arrivals are not shown to the nearest second and a button has been removed).The find stop by location feature has been updated to be more flexible and have more options (such as showing the nearest routes and going straight to a map).
  • The "busy" screen has been updated to show what stop is being downloaded.
  • Added a very large font Bus Line identifier screen. This is intended as an alternative to the large-print book provided to partially sighted travelers to let the operator know which bus they need to board.
  • Other updates:
  • Updated the rail map to include Bike & Ride Info.
  • Added a Facebook Fan Page.
  • Added a few more retina graphics.
  • Several bug fixes and new settings (to work around a continuous refresh issue).
  • Phone will not go to sleep while showing the Night Visibility Flashing Light (user is warned).

Version 5.1

  • Updated to use TriMet's new location services API, removing the need for the stop location database (saving about 230K).
  • Added new hi-res icons for the retina display.
  • Bug fixes: e.g. fixed ability to add user-entered IDs to bookmarks.

Version 5.0

  • Trips can now be bookmarked and then re-planned with a single touch. Check out the bookmark icon in the toolbar on the trip screen. Tip: bookmark a trip from the Current Location to your home and call it "Take me home!"
  • The Trip planner user interface has a new more intuitive flow, and the map has a previous/next button to step through the trip.
  • Trips are automatically saved to a new "Recent Trips" screen and can be viewed later without a network connection.
  • Trips can be texted to other cell phone users directly from inside PDX Bus (requires an iPhone with iOS 4.0).
  • Trips can be added as events to the calendar (iOS 4.0 required).
  • Trips planned using the GPS now show the location's name instead of 'Current Location'.
  • Added 'Search rail stations' screen.
  • Rail arrivals include a colored circle to indicate the line.
  • Stops can be sorted alphabetically.
  • Recent stops now have their own screen.
  • Added up/down arrows to the rider alerts and fixed fonts sizes.
  • Settings now update instantly in iOS4; added Color Themes and made it blue by default.

Version 4.2.1

  • Stylish new icon
  • Updated attributions (including Civic App award!)
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Fixed issue with some Streetcar stops giving the wrong arrivals (e.g. Stop ID 12375).

Version 4.2

  • Support for iOS4 and fast switching between apps. Regular features are designed to work on all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running OS version 3.0 and above.
  • The current location "blue dot" is now shown on all maps.
  • The tip planner map now shows the actual route of the buses and trains.
  • Fixed usability issue with bookmarks - the bookmark icon can be used to edit or delete an existing bookmark was well as to add one.
  • Routes, directions and stop names are cached until the end of each day (or optionally until the end of the week). (TriMet tells me that routes only change at midnight - mostly they change weekly on Sunday but occasionally they change mid-week).
  • Multiple bug fixes and tweaks (e.g. fixed iPhone font issues introduced when adding iPad support, fixed different behavior of home button).

Version 4.1

First Open Source Version.


Andrew Wallace, September 2017.

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