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Telerik UI for Xamarin Samples Application

The Telerik UI for Xamarin Samples application demonstrates the variety of controls available in the component suite as well as demos of some of their highlighted features. Currently, it features demos for the following Xamarin controls.

Data Controls Charts Navigation & Layout Interactivity & UX
DataGrid Chart TreeView Popup
ListView Bar Chart TabView Busy Indicator
DataForm Line Chart SideDrawer SlideView
Pdf Viewer Area Chart Accordeon Border
PdfViewer Scatter Area Chart Expander Path
Calendar and Scheduling Scatter Line Chart DockLayout Buttons
Calendar Scatter Point Chart Editors Checkbox
Data Visualization Scatter Spline Chart Image Editor Segmented Control
Map Scatter Spline Area Chart Entry Button
Radial Gauge Spline Chart AutoCompleteView Document Processing Librarires
Linear Gauge Spline Area Chart MaskedInput PDFProcessing
Barcode Pie Chart NumericInput SpreadStreamProcessing
Rating Donut Chart Chat Bot UI ZIP Library
OHLC Chart Conversational UI
Candlestick Chart

To take advantage of the controls and to be able to work with the demos, download free 30 day trial of Telerik UI for Xamarin

Please visit the following links to download the samples on your devices

Telerik Tagit Demo Application

The Telerik Tagit sample application is a Xamarin.Forms application targeting iOS, Android and UWP, which demonstrates how to turn the photo collection of a phone into a easy to search data base of photos. It utilized Telerik UI for Xamarin, as well as Microsoft Azure's Computer Vision API.

For more information on the application and a walk through of how it was built, please refer to the Telerik Tagit page

To download the finished application, use the following links.

How to build the solutions

In order to build the solutions you will need an active trial of Telerik UI for Xamarin. Once you get it, simply open the solution and add the Telerik Nuget server as described in this article.

If you already have dev version of Telerik UI for Xamarin, you can change the referenced trial nuget package to the dev one. Simply Uninstall Telerik.UI.For.Xamarin.Trial and install Telerik.UI.For.Xamarin from the Telerik Nuget Server.


The documentation for Telerik UI for Xamarin can be found at the following address:


See the license file and any additional license information attached to each sample.

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