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A dataset of Northern Democrats in the House and Senate from approximately 1920 to 1984. Here, Northern Democrats is calculated by subtracting the number of Democrats in each formerly Conferederate state from the total number of Democrats in each house of Congress.

You are welcome to use either of the following files in any way you wish. I request, but it is not required, that if you collect additional data for Congresses not currently represented in nd congress.xlsx that you similarly share that data. You are welcome to submit a pull request to this repo in that event.

nd congress.xlsx

This excel workbook contains four spreadsheets. The first contains the most relevant data: the number of Northern Democrats in the House and the Senate for each Congress, along with the total size of each house of Congress to make calculating percentages easy. The second sheet counts the number of Democratic Senators and Congresspeople in each of the former Confederate States. These numbers are then brought into the third and fourth sheets for the House and Senate respectively. In each, the number of Democrats, Republics, and other party affiliated representatives are stored for each Congress. This allows for the subtraction of Conferederate Democrats from total Democrats, yielding Northern Democrats.


This is a simple excel spreadsheet with the year from 1900-2014 in one column and the corresponding Congress number in the second. This makes merging the nd congresses data onto yearly data much easier.


A dataset of Northern Democrats in the House and Senate from approximately 1920 to 1984



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