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 * README -- gpm 1.xx
 * Copyright 1995-2000 (Alessandro Rubini)
 * Copyright 2001-2012   nico-gpm at (Nico Schottelius)

The gpm (general purpose mouse) daemon tries to be a useful mouse
server for applications running on the Linux console.  Its roots are
in the "selection" package, by Andrew Haylett, and the original code
comes from selection itself. This package is intended as a replacement
for "selection", to provide additional facilities.  From 0.18 onward
gpm supports xterm as well, so you can run mouse-sensitive
applications under X, and you can easily write curses applications
which support the mouse on both the Linux console and xterm. The xterm
code is portable to any U*x flavour (look at sample/README).

The first clients have been "The Midnight Commander", by Miguel de
Icaza and an emacs library included in this release. Recent dialog
distributions and the Jed editor use gpm as well, and the same do
several custom applications.

If you want to make a patch to gpm, please read doc/HACK_GPM.

For additionally documentation and other READMEs have a look into doc/.

=========== MAINTENANCE

As of 1.19.4, gpm is officially maintained again.
Most of the README is written by Alessandro Rubine,
only minor changes are made by Nico Schottelius.

=========== MAILING LIST

The mailing list devoted to gpm is ""
The list is managed by Mailman and is currently open,
so non-subscribers are allowed to post.

In order to subscribe to the mailing list, visit

or send a message with "subscribe" in its body to

For example:
	echo subscribe | mail


The latest releases can always be found in one of the following place:


The homepage of gpm can be found at

You can get the latest development tree of gpm via git:

   git-clone git://

There are three branches available:

   master: Contains the latest gpm1 code, may be broken.
   gpm-1-stable: Contains the latest stable source code.
   gpm-2-dev: Contains work that heads to gpm2.


The package uses autoconf as of 2.12. 
Use "./ && ./configure && make" to
compile the gpm suite.  To install "make install". This installs
everything under the "prefix" directory, which by default is

Use "./configure --prefix=/usr" if you want to install under /usr
instead of /usr/local.

Exectuable files are installed in $(prefix)/bin (except the gpm daemon
in $(prefix)/sbin), libraries in $(prefix)/lib, man pages in
$(prefix)/man, the lisp library in the proper location for emacs-list
files (detected during the "configure" step); info files are installed
under $(prefix)/info.

If you would like to 'clean'up very tidy, use distclean. Don't forget to use
make distclean config! Otherwise there will be no configure script!

=========== CONFIGURING

Configuration is optional...

* You would like to tell emacs to use t-mouse.el when appropriate. Add
	the following lines to your own .emacs (in your home
	directory), or in the /usr/lib/emacs/site-lisp/default

	(if (and (string-match ".*-linux" system-configuration)
                 (not window-system)
	         (or (string-match "linux" (getenv "TERM"))
	             (string-match "con.*" (getenv "TERM"))))
	    (load-library "t-mouse"))

* If you want to use gpm-root, copy gpm-root.conf to your /usr/etc
	directory, test it out and then edit it to suit your feels.

* You'd like to name the gpm info file inside /usr/info/dir. Just insert
	the line
		* gpm: (  A mouse server for the Linux console
	at the proper place. Note that this is usually automatically
	performed if you install a package prepared for your own

* To invoke gpm (and gpm-root) at system boot, add something like this
	to your /etc/rc.d/rc.local

		/usr/sbin/gpm -t msc -m /dev/tts/0 &
		/usr/bin/gpm-root &

	If you are running the new setup of SysVinit, you should better
	add a "gpm" script in /etc/rc.d/rc.init and install it in your
	runlevels in the usual way (this is usually included in your
	distribution as well)

	You may want to put the mouse server at a higher priority: in
	this case invoke instead "/usr/bin/nice -n -20 /usr/sbin/gpm -t

	The program goes to the background by itself, unless
	it is run with debuging enabled (see the -D option in the

========== DOCS

The directory "./doc" holds the documentation. The release embeds a
postscript file, slightly reduced to save paper (doc/, an info
one (doc/ and a text-only version (doc/gpmdoc.txt -- but
without table of contents, for now).  Man pages are automatically
extracted from the info file, and are installed with "make install"

=========== BUG REPORTS

Before sending bug reports, please look at the file "FAQ",
which outlines some known problems, and how to deal with them.

If your bug isn't fixed by reading there, please report it to me,
without getting angry with me if things don't work at first trial
(but they usually work).

Bug reports are best sent to the gpm mailing list (see above) or to me
via email, if you use personal mail please include the string "gpm"
somewhere in the subject line. This will help my filters in sorting
things out.

* When compilation fails I need your kernel version ("uname -a"), the
compiler version ("gcc -v") and the library version ("ls -l /lib" or,
better "ldd /usr/sbin/gpm").  And the compiler messages, obviously.

* When a program hangs or segfaults, please reinvoke the program under strace:
	strace -tf -o /tmp/trace.gpm gpm -t msc
                                     ^^^^^^^^^^ put your true cmdline here.
Then send me /tmp/trace.gpm* (they may be one or two files, according
to the strace version), and a description of how you reproduce the problem.

The last resort is a core dump, but I'll ask it personally if I have real
difficulties in tracing out your problem.

=========== CREDITS

The following people contributed to gpm, in chronological order. This
list used to reside in a different file, but it's better for it to stand
out in the README

Andrew Haylett (
		donated "selection" to the linux community, so I could get
		the idea and the code. A few others contributed to selection,
		but I lost track of their contributions and names.

Steven S. Dick (
		fixed a pair of bugs in early gpm versions.

Miguel de Icaza (
		helped fixing some bugs and provided a good client to test
		my server. He helped a lot in testing the various pre-releases.

Olav Woelfelschneider (
		fixed 0.10 with MouseSystems compatible mice.

Janne Kukonlehto (
		provided xterm mouse decoding to be stolen by me.

Rick Lyons (
		fixed a bug in gpm-0.9.

Reuben Sumner (
		helped fixing behaviour with "-t bm".

Larry Bartholdi (
		pinpointed an error in t-mouse-suspend
		and provided good suggestions for 0.97.

Mark Lord (
		ported to Dexxa/Logitech mice and gave feedback several times.

Stefan Giessler (
		fixed some problems with gpm-root and
		suggested to put gpm in the background (0.97).

Roman Shapiro
		helped with the Logitech MouseMan.

Andries Brouwer (
		Provided a Latin-1 LUT for chars, and enhanced
		lut-loading code (0.98).

Adrian Johnson (
		Gave good feedback and ideas for the 0.98's

Stephen Lee (
		Helped a lot with the damned MouseMan protocol (0.98 and 1.0)

John van Leeuwen (
		Outlined and fixed a pair of bugs in gpm-root 0.98

Alvar Bray (
		Pointed out an error with awk (0.99)
David A. van Leeuwen (
		Helped with chord-middle protocols (1.0)

Pavel Kankovsky (
		Open /dev/ttyxx instead of /dev/console in the lib (1.01)

Mark Shadley ( 
		Helped in turning to ELF (1.01 and 1.02) and in fixing
		horrible bugs of mine. Without his help 1.03 wouldn't be there.

Lou Sortman (
		Added support for glidepoint mice within "-t mman". (1.05)

Marc Meis (
		Provided support for absolute pointing devices, and in
		particular for the ncr3125 pen. (1.05)

Michael Plass (
		Fixed a damned bug in middle button decoding (M_ms) (1.07)

Markus Gutschke (
		Provided a better re-encoding for "-R" (1.10)

Karsten Ballueder (
		Suggested the reboot compile-time option (1.10)

John Davis (
		Found and fixed a buglet in liblow.c for some jed users (1.10)

Julian Thompson (
		Fixed a buglet in gpm-root (1.10)

Dave Flater (
		Removed a typo in the disabled decoder for ms-3b (1.11)

Thomas E. Dickey (
		Ported to autoconf (1.11)

Pavel Machek (
		New mode "logim" (1.11) and NetMouse (1.14)

Matthias Grimrath (
		Be c++ compliant in gpm.h (1.11)

Stephen Tell (
		Patch for the ps2 decoder to support misbehaving devices (1.11)

Francois Chastrette (no-email)
		Great help to support plugnpray mice (1.13)

Steve Bennett (
		Support for the intellimouse serial devices. (1.13)

Jan Daciuk (
		t-mouse: yet another regexp possibility

Ian Zimmerman is now actively cooperating in maintaining gpm, so
he'll no longer appear in the acknowledgements ;-)

David Given (
		Offered support for joystick mouse emulation (1.14)

Tim Goodwin (
Colin Plumb (
Ben Pfaff (
Ian and Iris (
		All of them sent in support for ps2 intellimouse (1.14)

Edmund Grimley Evans (
		Added "-t ms+lr"

Stefan Runker (
		Contributed a new Wacom decoder

Alessandro Rubini (
   He's done a lot of work on gpm and maintained it.
   He's still helping me a lot to understand all parts of gpm.