Bacnet Modbus Zigbee building automation front end
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T3000 Building Automation System

This is our T3000 Building Automation front end, a mature project for managing the air conditioning, lighting, access control and other automation functions of commercial buildings. The application runs on a Windows PC and allows the building operator to manage the building as a complete system. There is a small but growing team of developers working on the application full time. The system works mainly with Temco Controls products but integrators, controls contractors and other manufacturers are encouraged to join in to add their own devices and features. Communication to the various systems is over Ethernet, wifi, RS485, RS232, zigbee and GSM network. The protocols supported so far are Modbus RTU, Bacnet IP & MSTP.

If you're concerned about putting in effort into a project which suddenly goes dark or becomes closed source Temco has been around for a while, since 1969 actually. And we've never charged licence fees for our software since we started making building automation gear 25 years ago. Drop me an email and I'll hook you up with the developers.

Please refer to Wiki for details on how you can get started with contributing towards the project.

Many of our products are open source, check them out on the Temco Controls web site. Most of what we do at Temco Controls is behind the scenes OEM work so feel free to send an email and ask for custom products.

Maurice Duteau
General Manager
Temco Controls
maurice (at) temcocontrols (dot) com

T3000_Building_Automation_System T3000_Building_Automation_System T3000_Building_Automation_System T3000_Building_Automation_System T3000_Building_Automation_System