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Material Design

This repo contains all the planning for current and work-in-progress Material Design Icons.

Getting Started

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View at Material Design Icons. This repo also contains converted icons from Google's official icon set.

NPM Dist Repo
Webfont / SCSS npm install @mdi/font MaterialDesign-Webfont npm
JavaScript / TypeScript npm install @mdi/js MaterialDesign-JS npm
ReactJS npm install @mdi/react MaterialDesign-React npm
SVG / Meta.json npm install @mdi/svg MaterialDesign-SVG npm
Desktop Font n/a MaterialDesign-Font

Upgrade Guide | Changelog Guide


Warning (Cordova only): You will need to manually edit the css file to remove the version query string. Read More.


Please do not make pull requests against this repositiory. All icons are managed through the Material Design Icons site by the various contributors and synced instantly. If you want to become a contributor read more.

Icon Suggestions

Submit icon suggestions through the issue tab. Please include examples.

Third Party (Plugins / Extensions / etc)


View the License

Code of Conduct

View and submit violations.