@mdi/svg Dist for Material Design Icons.
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Note: Please use the main MaterialDesign repo to report issues. This repo is for distribution of the SVG files only.

SVG - Material Design Icons

SVG distribution for the Material Design Icons.

npm install @mdi/svg
bower install mdi-svg

Versions prior to 2.2.43 can be accessed on npm via mdi-svg

Related Packages

NPM @MDI Organization

Third Party

For those developing third party scripts/programs/applications. Please use this repo to make sure you're using latest production ready icons.

Great uses of the SVG Icon distribution includes:

  • Scripts to generate your own webfont.
  • Writing addons/plugins to integrate with applications.
  • Themes - Every theme needs icons.
  • AngularJS/Angular/React Components to work with the icons.

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