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Analog Terminal Bell

Welcome to the Analog Terminal Bell!

The Analog Terminal Bell is a bell that rings any time a bell character is displayed on your terminal. Simply plug the bell in to USB and enable "Analog Bell" in your terminal settings.

Never miss a terminal bell notification again!

Here is a photo of the bell:

Analog Terminal Bell Photo

Here is a video explanation:

Analog Terminal Bell

Actual Product Details

This bell is not actually for sale. You have to build it yourself! This project uses an MCP2221A microchip to drive a solenoid and hit a bell.

Electronic Hardware

Information about the electronic hardware to build this project can be found in the pcb folder. Just check out the README there for details on how to build the electronic hardware for this project.

I used through hole components on the PCB to make assembly as easy as possible.

Physical Hardware

The bell can be found at many stores like amazon or staples


Unlike an Arduino, this microchip doesn't need any firmware, we can control it via USB HID. See the README in the software folder for details on how to control the bell from your computer.

Note that if you want iTerm2 to ring the bell like in the commercial, you'll need a custom build of iTerm2. You can find the patches for iTerm2 here.

Case and Mounting

The case is 3D printed and the stl files can be found in the case folder.


A bell for your terminal that is analog







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