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TensorFlow Datasets

Note: tensorflow_datasets is not yet released. Follow the release tracking issue to be notified of release.

TensorFlow Datasets provides many public datasets as tf.data.Datasets.



pip install tensorflow-datasets

# Requires tensorflow or tensorflow-gpu to be installed
# Some datasets require additional libraries; see setup.py extras_require


import tensorflow_datasets as tfds

# See available datasets

# Construct a tf.data.Dataset
dataset = datasets.load(name="mnist",

# Build your input pipeline
dataset = dataset.shuffle(1000).batch(128).prefetch(1)
features = dataset.make_oneshot_iterator().get_next()
image, label = features["input"], features["target"]


All datasets are implemented as subclasses of DatasetBuilder.

import tensorflow_datasets as tfds

# The following is the equivalent of the `load` call above.

# You can fetch the DatasetBuilder class by string
mnist_builder = datasets.builder("mnist")(data_dir="~/tfdata")

# Download the dataset
# Construct a tf.data.Dataset
dataset = mnist_builder.as_dataset(split=datasets.Split.TRAIN)

Non-TensorFlow Usage

All datasets are usable outside of TensorFlow with the numpy_iterator method, which takes the same arguments as as_dataset.

import tensorflow_datasets as tfds

mnist_builder = datasets.builder("mnist")(data_dir="~/tfdata")
for element in mnist_builder.numpy_iterator(split=datasets.Split.TRAIN):
  numpy_image, numpy_label = element["input"], element["target"]

Note that the library still requires tensorflow as an internal dependency.

Contributing a dataset

Thanks for considering a contribution. See the doc on adding a new dataset