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Mortgage6 is little but usable library that allows to calculate all costs of mortage. Since banks give a lot of discounts if buying their products it is harder see the costs


zef install Mortgage


p6doc Mortgage

or POD


my $bank =>"BANK2",interest_rate => rate-monthly(3.30), mortage=> 1300.73, mortages => 360, loan-left=> 297000.FatRat);

# Arrangement fee
$bank.add(>1, to=>1, value=>$ * percent 1));

# Should give the same amount you have from bank
my $mortgage =  $bank.calc_mortage;

# Do the sim

my $loanleft = $;
my $total_cost = $bank.total_cost.round(0.01);
my $total_interest= $bank.total_interest.round(0.01);