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Teracy docker-files Build, Push Docker Images

Teracy project to create Docker images.

How to use

Follow files located at each Docker image directories.

  • Push to multiple docker registries:

  • Docker image name prefix:

    • Sometimes you need to add prefix to the docker image
    • For example, by default,, you can change to by setting IMG_NAME_PREFIX secret environment variable on github actions to teracy-
  • Enable/disable docker push:

    • By default, docker images will be pushed when new commits are pushed to the master branch
    • To disable the docker push, set PUSH_ENABLED secret environment variable to false

How to contribute

  • Fork this repo (it's recommened to renamed your forked repo to teracy-docker-files)

  • Start creating new Docker images to be shared within our community


MIT license. More details on the LICENSE file.