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Web service for easily use profile photos on your web page.

You don't need to maintain same implementations for getting user pictures in your projects, just generate URL and you will get a CDN-powered credential management free user profile picture.

Use in HTML:

<img src="" />

or via API:

// cURL save image to your current folder
curl -o terales.jpg

// Windows via PowerShell, save image to your Desktop
Invoke-WebRequest -OutFile "$([Environment]::GetFolderPath("Desktop"))\terales.jpg"


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Codacy Badge JavaScript Style Guide

Currently supported sources

  • GitHub with login, like terales
  • Gravatar with email


  • Facebook with id, like 100001584476227 OR profile slug, like terales
  • Google with Google+ id, like +SriramSaroop OR gmail address
  • Twitter with username, like robwormald

Resize images with Cloudinary

Thanks to the Cloudinary generous limits we are able to resize images from any source. Just prepend required width and height to the image url:
                           width - ^^ ^^ - height

If you omit size (ex. than 100×100 image would be served. For you custom deployment you can modify it via environment variables, see .env-template.

When Cloudinary integration is enabled will get the url of required image and redirect it to Cloudinary fetch with transformations applied.

Get an original image with a special original size:

Getting help

Please, report anything via the GitHub issues:

Business opportunities, security issues and any violations should be emailed to

Technical questions about service usage or configuration should be asked on StackOverflow and link to the question should be sent to

How you can help

This project runs on Node.js and has a good support for newcomers thanks to (JavaScript Standard Style)[] automatic code style fixes and a decent test coverage.

Please, refer to contributing guideline for environment setup and recommended workflow.

Project details

This project is licensed under the MIT License — see the license file for details

Created by Oleksandr Terekhov. The original idea belongs to Yegor Bugayenko.


Web service for easily getting profile photos from several sources




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