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Handle movements with j/k as if they were real jumps

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Octocat-spinner-32 plugin rewrite most of the plugin to fix jumping over closed folds
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*jk-jumps.txt*  Handle movements with j/k as if they were real jumps

Author:  Jeroen Budts <>
License: Same terms as Vim itself (see |license|)

SUMMARY                                         *jk-jumps*

You can easily use the |j| and |k| commands together with a count to jump up
and down your file. Setting the |'relativenumber'| option makes this even
easier. The only problem with this, is that Vim doesn't think of this kind of
movement as 'jumps'. (see |jump-motions| for the list). This can make using
the |jumplist| rather confusing.
This plugin tries to fix that by changing the j and k commands to act as
jumps, letting you use the jumplist to jump back and forward.

OPTIONS                                         *jk-jumps-options*

For the moment there is only one option:
This options determines what the minimum amount of lines is before a movement
is considered a jump and added to the |jumplist|: >
    let g:jk_jumps_minimum_lines = 7

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